Access, Parking Control System

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Access, Parking Control System

Access, Parking Control System

Granting of authorization from simple visitors to registered employees and access record management through systematic monitoring system

In the midst of heightened interest in information security day by day, we aim to protect the corporation’s equipment and properties that are managed and operated by various risk factors.
Important information can cause fatal harm when various risk factors occur; thus, access control became essential.
The access control management solution of GENTOP Inc. constitutes the network into RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, etc. so you can control the terminal in a large quantity, and the system has no spatial limitations.
Systematic monitoring is possible from granting authorization to simple visitors and registered employees to access record management, and if any problems occur, the person in charge will get a text message instantly about the related information, and through remote control, quick handling is possible.

System Diagram

  • Prevents outsider access
  • Prevents leaking of secrets
  • Access control by area and by time
  • Remote control possible

Business Subject

  • Apartments, public offices, schools, associations, hospitals, general buildings, etc.

Application Field

  • Centralized access control of general companies and buildings
  • VIP room operation at banks, Department stores, etc.
  • Access control in important facilities like laboratories
  • Data processing rooms
  • Data processing rooms
  • Diligence and indolence management
  • Entry and exit management
  • Meal service management, etc.